How Moms Would Spend 10 Extra Hours

Enjoying My Kids: Cuddling, Hiking and Growing Together

Wow! With ten extra hours a week? I'd spend some more time with my children. I feel like with remote schooling/being in start-up mode, they don't get as much we-time! I'd cuddle up more, take them on longer hikes, do a remote class. There's so much guilt involved with momming right now, particularly with being in start-up status, and them doing remote school. They aren't used to being at home while I'm working, so I feel like I'm being neglectful. It makes me sad.

And, of course, I'd slip in a nap during one of those hours.

Long Overdue


I would work out, maybe get a massage, finish reading this book I’ve been trying to read for longest, take a nap, maybe go to a nice lunch alone.

Sheer Bliss!

Nap, Novel and Brownies

10 hours...10 glorious hours!!! I would love to say I would do yoga for an hour each day, meal prep healthy lunches, or finally learn quickbooks...but more than likely I would take a guilt free nap or read a trashy novel. If I did any additional cooking with my 10 golden hours, it would probably be to make brownies or prep ingredients for a fancy cocktail. The possibilities are truly endless and I will continue to fantasize about what I would do with all that extra time.

Arts, Crafts and Gray's Anatomy

I would probably work on my art. Take that time and craft, paint, draw, sculpt since that is how I find the most peace and can quiet my mind. While simultaneously binge-watching Gray's Anatomy for the 3rd time.

Reclaiming My Time in the Outdoor and with Friends & Family

I would definitely dedicate more time to doing outdoor physical activity and socializing with friends and family. I would start going through my piles of books and maybe pick up a new hobby. Having a demanding professional career and no family in town has had a huge impact on my life balance since becoming a parent.

Uninterrupted Time with My Little Girl

I think having 10 hours a week is a glorious gift! Those hours I could spend with my daughter just doing fun activities together. Our time could be "school." We could paint or have a pillow fight, we could get a pedicure or manicure, but most of all-the time would be for her. So-that she knows that I love her and that she is a priority to me. She will be a teenager soon and I know that this time is precious.