Combine the Clean Up package ($100 value) plus the 8 oven-ready meals delivered to her doorstep ($150 value) and save $25. Services do not need to be scheduled at the time of purchase. Services can be scheduled at your convenience and do not need to take place at the same time.

Clean-Up Package: Deep Clean for 2 small rooms OR one small room + one full bathroom OR one large room such as the kitchen or the family room. 120 minutes or less total cleaning time.

Meals: Choose from the weekly menu (published the week prior) to have 4 delicious menu items, 2 servings of each or 2 delicious menu items, 4 servings of each delivered to the brand-new mama.  Our meal prep and delivery partners only source high quality ingredients and use cooking methods that maximize the bioavailability and nutrient/ mineral content of our food.Organic and local produce whenever possible.  Grass-fed, pasture raised meats.  Wild-caught seafood.  Carefully pre-soaked grains and legumes.  Clean, non-processed, high-heat cooking oils.

100% Flavor

SOS for the Brand-New Mama