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Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Shanny Oripova, founder and CEO of ZypWork

Papers scattered all over your desk, the garbage full of crumpled draft paper. Despite the mess, a polished deck awaits on your laptop for tomorrow’s client presentation. You close shop and head to your car, plopping down on crushed goldfish crackers. Kids am I right? Note to self: put a towel down to avoid a “cheesy” embarrassment in the morning. You make it home at 8:30 and are relieved to see your husband successfully made the kids dinner and put them to bed on time. (Hey this is a hypothetical story, anything can happen) Then again if something seems too good to be true…surprise! A sink full of dishes and a kitchen that took a beating during the spaghetti test awaits. What’s another hour of chores?

It’s days like these that Zypwork, a Denver based cleaning company, makes getting it all done possible. Zypwork goes beyond residential cleaning. Offices, fitness studios, retail, education facilities, hospitality, industrial, and construction services are all covered by Zypwork’s on-demand helpers. Instead of scrambling to find the best candidate for a job, Zypwork provides a quote based on the scope of your project and matches you with a cleaner that day. Part of their formula is having project managers oversee each task, guaranteeing quality standards. Along with this, everything is cleaned using safe, eco-friendly, and green materials.

Shanny Oripova’s, founder, entrepreneurial roots run deep. After traveling the world helping her mother with her import and export business, she moved to the United States and started Zypwork.

DispatchMom: You started your first business in Russia as a high-school student. What’s the story there?

Shanny: I was inspired by my mother's business and her success. The process of doing business is unique for everybody. It was a great opportunity to meet new people from all over the world. And the emotion of seeing the result of your hard work- paying you back with success.

DispatchMom: Thereafter you partnered with your mom on her import and export business. What were your biggest takeaways?

Shanny: Her business helped me grow and avoid mistakes on my own.

DispatchMom: DispatchMom was started to help parents who need an extra hand juggling the demands of raising a family while having a successful career. What are some of the challenges you’ve faced when it comes to balancing the two?

Shanny: I think life is a challenge. We should always be challenging ourselves with new missions, but that will always be in competition with your family. I am a mother of twins, daughter of parents who don’t speak English, a wife, and an entrepreneur and there’s simply not enough time to balance both, all of the time. I am trying my best to enjoy every moment with both my family and business.

DispatchMom: You’re a serial entrepreneur, who is also an immigrant mother. What are some of the challenges you’ve faced and overcome? What do you credit a fierce determination to?

Shanny: First off, it's cultural. Second, has been learning a new language. My kids have taught me how to handle multiple tasks at the same time! :)

DisptachMom: Everyone has their own reasons for loving Colorado. What are yours and how do you think it has played into Zypwork’s success?

Shanny: Colorado is a great place for startups. People are great and they love to try new ideas; we have a lot of support from our frequent users. For ZYPWORK, it’s turned into a fast-growth opportunity.

DispatchMom: What’s one thing you learned or may have surprised you about both customers who need cleaning services and gig-workers who are looking to be hired?

Shanny: Customers want services for free and gig workers want money for free- haha! We learned that it’s good to protect our customers and gig workers in advance and to make sure both parties are happy with the partnership. We started offering checklists that clarify what exact jobs will be apart of the service.

DispatchMom: What does the future of Zypwork look like?

Shanny: Within three years ZYPWORK will serve customers nationwide. Our mission is to help as many people as possible.

Shanny Oripova is the founder and CEO of Zypwork. She has a master’s degree in law from Moscow University of Modern Education and an international business management degree from Teykio Loretto Hights University. She completed the famed Y Combinator startup academy for Zypwork and received the Youngest Entrepreneur Award from the US Embassy in Russia.

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