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DispatchMom Partner Update: Thoughtful Designing for Your Dream House!

Bailey Konieczka

A Holistic Interior Designer and Home Organizer, Bailey Katherine Interiors.

Bailey is a professional home organizer for clients through the Denver Metro area. She created her company out of love for helping friends & family design their space.

Whether it is creating a master bedroom sanctuary or a space to host guests that reflects your personality, her goal is to give you your dream house while being conscious of sourcing sustainable, and responsible pieces.

DispatchMom: Tell us a bit about yourself!

Hello! My name is Bailey and my business is Bailey Katherine Interiors. I specialize in holistic interior design and home organization. My main philosophy around organization is that all of our surroundings greatly affect the way that we show up in our lives. That is why it is so important to develop our spaces with intention, design, and organization. When thoughtfully curated, these tools can improve our internal wellbeing, shift the energy in our relationships, change the way we recharge, and so much more. We deserve to love our homes and for them to love us back.

DispatchMom: What was the inspiration behind starting your business?

Bailey: Three years ago, I was going through a major time of grief in my life and my outlet was putting love into my home. It was such a powerful tool that I used to give myself care. I created a simple but intentional sanctuary for myself that provided a physical and emotional space of healing and safety. It was from this experience that I realized that I needed to start Bailey Katherine Interiors.

DispatchMom: Who do you aim to serve?

Bailey: I serve mindful and connected individuals who want to transform their day to day lives through the transformation of their spaces.

DispatchMom: What unique values does your business offer?

Bailey: My business provides a unique experience through intentional decision making. It is super important to me that I get to know my clients on a deep level to best be able to serve them and their lives in a way that feels really aligned with their ideal and highest selves.

DispatchMom: How do you balance your work and family?

Bailey: My work-life balance really comes down to scheduling out my time. I am an avid Google Calendar user and I have to be thoughtful to block out time every week to spend with family and have self-care.

DispatchMom: Any Covid precautions, taken by your business?

Bailey: I am wearing masks when visiting clients and ask that my clients do the same. It’s important that everyone feels safe during this time!

DispatchMom: What is your vision for yourself and/or for your business?

Bailey: I want to develop Bailey Katherine Interiors to become a collaborative collective where I can empower and engage a community of sustainably focused individuals. This would be the ultimate dream team to hire and the best of the best. We would have team members that specialize in everything from art curation to kitchen designers to feng shui experts and plant experts.

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