How it all started...


Hi! I am Arezou. Founder and CEO of DispatchMom. I am also a consultant, a corporate executive, a startup advisor, an angel investor, a mom (my son is 8 and he is beautiful), a dog mom, a cat mom, a wife, daughter to elderly parents, a friend to many and a close friend to a few and...I am exhausted...

I am not unique. I have never met another mom, working or not, who declares that they have it all together. We are all running from one thing to another, every single day and we are barely keeping up. We are generally pretty good at this juggling act but it comes at a huge cost. The cost is our emotional and mental well-being.

Last year, at a startup event, I met a group of women who were talking about solving the overwhelm of motherhood. Their venture was tentatively called “It Takes A Village” and later, per my suggestion, changed to WingMom.  I was hooked, it felt like therapy.  As much as I encouraged them to not give up and keep going, they decided not to go forward. Finally, in August of 2019, I decided to do it myself. I, personally, NEED this service and it is so clear to me that I am not alone.

So here we go! DispatchMom is born. An on-demand, reliable, affordable service to help the busy mom. You need someone to pick up your child from school because you are stuck in traffic? DispatchMom! Need someone to come to cook tonight because your head is pounding and you need to lie down? DispatchMom! How about someone to walk your dog? DispatchMom! 


I created DispatchMom to help millions of moms out there to be moms AND other things they want to be, without guilt or shame.

Will you join me and help me get this off the ground?

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