Gifts for You and Your BFF

Meaningful Jewelry Infused with Energy

Untamed Hearts is more than a jewelry line. Each piece tells an unapologetic story of individuality, light and darkness, love and unity, and the message “Peace For All” is stamped in every item in the line.  Click below to learn more and get your unique discount code.

45-day Mindfulness Journal

A truly discreet journal for you or your loved one who wants guided questions in order to tackle their anxiety and emotions. The journal is beautiful, simple to use and subtle. But what caught our attention the most is the story of the founder.

Give the Girls Some Love and Lift

No woman, young or old, should feel like they have to hide behind baggy sweatshirts or wear underwires or sports bras to bed. Eleve Intmiates solves the nightmere for many of us, especially those of us who are bustier. Click below to learn more and get your discount.

Concierge Cosmetic & Aesthetic Care

How many of us have put off the little beauty treatment that gets rid of those persistent frown lines because we are too busy? Help is on the way. Suzanne at Root Medical Aesthetics comes to you! Click below to learn more and get your unique discount.

Shop, Do Good & Get Rewarded

With every purchase, Makeena app users can earn rewards from affiliated brands—and from Makeena too! Download the app and get $4 with your first purchase. Click below to learn more and how to redeem your bonus cash.

Unique Gifts that Give Back

Hope Tank is an awesome social enterprise. Every single item sold online or in store supports one of more than a dozen local non-profit organizaitons and their assortment is tasteful and relevant to the current times.  Click below and get your unique discount code.

Make Truffles &

Share the Love 

At the end of this masterclass, you and your child will have created tasty holiday truffles, a cool holiday drawing, and you'll know exactly what you’d gift to your neighbors and family members! Click below to learn more and get your unique discount code.

Sunshine in a Box, Smiles Gaurenteed

Select from the curated selection or build your own box of sunshine. 60% of the merchandise comes from local makers and women-owned businesses. Support home-grown talent while shopping gifts you just can’t find anywhere else. And make her day!

Tasty Snacks from Around the World

Snacks from around the world boxed and ship to your doorstep. Snack Voyage helps people explore other cultures and food the comfort of their home.  Each Snack Box comes with a Boarding Pass, a Tourist Guide, Travel Game, and a Souvenir from the country.